Saturday, 12 May 2012

Welcome to my football blog

Hello, my name is Terry and I've been blogging and podcasting about football since 2003. Past projects include the Onion Bag, Some People Are On The Pitch, the Football Fairground, Sound of Football and the Bundesliga Show podcasts. I also set up and administer the Europa Legion Network of bloggers plus I am the co-founder of the Socrates football bloggers meetups.

From the start of season 2012/13, my involvement in most of those projects will end so I've decided to try something different and set up my own dedicated football blog.

Here you will find missives, previews, profiles, opinions and anything else that I think will be of interest about the game of football. I've left the scope to the blog deliberately open as one day I may be rounding up German fourth division action and the next, revealing the latest  Europa League TV deals or visiting an art exhibition. The blog is intended to be as much out the stuff of soccer than soccer itself.